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These recordings will not be completed in a recording studio. Thus, please be aware that background noise may interfere with the recordings' quality of sound. The idea is to be as real and raw as possible without vocal filters. Simply stated, I want my audience to hear me as if I was in a room with them. This is the personal touch I offer on this page which makes my work original. For me, this intimacy creates a bond between my listeners and myself as the poetess. I hope you enjoy this page, as it will evolve in the near future to come.

Carmen A. Cisnadean

To The Pirate - poem byCarmen A. Cisnadean
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The poem "To The Pirate" is a poem about love and forgiveness.  To read the full poem, you may do so on the diary post entry HERE. To listen to the recital, just click the play button on the above recording. Hope you enjoy! 

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