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The Impavid Star - a poem written by a woman for women

Night - painting by Edward Robert Hughes

As women, our role in the world is never lessened. Now more than ever, women need to gather their strength and lead boldly. Women, of all ages, cannot live in fear. Somewhere in your life, you have a woman today who needs to gather her courage, resilience, perseverance and lead forward her life in a positive way. Whether this was your sister, mother, daughter, cousin, lover, or friend, there is a woman in your life today which may want to feel empowered. Today, I also share the art of one of my top favorite artists, the great Edward Robert Hughes. Sir. Hughes' work has been an inspiration to me as artist and is to this day ranked by me as one of the greatest Pre-Raphaelite artists. To those of you who don't know, Pre-Raphaelite artists were inspired by the Nazarene era of the 19th-century, an era of painters who aimed to revive spirituality in art. The woman was the central subject of what I see as sensationalistic movement of spirituality, something I deeply value as an artist myself. I share with you two of my passions today, my love of great art and meaningful poetry. As for poetry, today I share with you one of my very own poems "The Impavid Star" because I think, for one, women were destined for greatness. Below I share both the poem and a surprise recital which I recorded for you today from my home. May you be empowered by my poetry and poem recital to lead your lives as women to greatness. I hope you enjoy my poem and its recital, on this fine day known as International Women's Day.

The Impavid Star

poem by

Carmen A. Cisnadean

At the epicenter, feel

Your metamorphosis near

“Woman” so they call you, now,

To me, you’re The Impavid Star!

Let your spirit fill your flight

Woman to all, yet to me, Starlight you shall always be.


On the edges, cogitate You’re as brave as “man” can be,

Climb that mountain to the top

With but a rib from man’s fine back

As you spread your wings above

Stretch your power’s pertinence,

Fine-tune your resilience.


As you climb, do rise above

Despite all your little troubles

You remember what I say

You’re the “wo-” to “-man” they say.

Let the valor be your feathers

Spread the good, unearth the truth

Do it for the world’s true good.


Sisters, this I wrote for you,

Opening my heart to you

Lets join hands in great applause  

To that which I call the greatest cause.

Join me in this jubilee

See the impavid star’s glee.  

@Copyright 2024 Carmen A. Cisnadean

To listen to my personal message and poem recital, click:

Once on my "Her Recitals" page, scroll down to Poem 4 "The Impavid Star" and enjoy the listening of a poem that could change your life.

Be the light the world needs Carmen A. Cisnadean

Author. Artist. Poetess.


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