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To The Pirate - A Poem About Love and Forgiveness

Painting by Eduard Panov - Old Sailboat

It's so good to be back writing poetry. It's been a while since I have written a poem and I have very much missed it. The painting above by Eduard Panov reminds me of where I am in life and the new journey I am about to embark on in my career. However, this poem I wrote which I intend to publish in the sequel of my "A Poetess' First Flight," has nothing to do with my career. It actually has to do with the love for a "pirate." A pirate is a person who lives in contradiction with self, a quite conflicted being, one who takes a long time to recognize his or her feelings, if ever. Have you ever met or loved someone like that? If so, I think you'll love my poem. I hope this posting inspires you to go for what you love in life, not for what others want of you. Tuesday night I will be joining an open-mic opportunity where I plan to read the poem aloud to strangers. It will be a blessing to share with others my love of poetry. Follow the whisper in your heart which beats for you daily and don't shy away from the truth which you are called to face. Remember that forgiveness is not greater or lesser than love. It is more than love.

To The Pirate

a poem by

Carmen A. Cisnadean

I looked at him and asked myself How could he undermine the words, Which seemed to slightly serve as cover

For mundane whispers of lips tired

Of blank rhythms and pale rhymes

None which built but only sank

Heart’s worn vessel which still sails

At the tempo of my dance.

I gazed within his heart and claimed

I knew he hid behind those sails,

Ones whose flutter craved the grasp

Of a new horizon’s glistening

Pirate’s search that’s so endearing

Treasure chest of new beginning

Resting in my heart’s forgiving.

Lastly, as a surprise, you are welcome to listen to my recital by visiting my recitals page on my website. Just scroll back to the top on this page and switch to "Her Recitals" page.

Forgiveness is not greater or lesser than love. It is more than love. Carmen A. Cisnadean Author. Artist. Poetess.

This poem is dedicated to the"Shadowed Forest" pirate

@Copyright 2023, Carmen A. Cisnadean

Thank You For Reading


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