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Clouds in Sky

A Poetess'First Flight

 A Poetess' First Flight     

is a collection of poetry that aims to inspire, stimulate, awaken the senses, and give one the courage and strength to embrace life and the truth in a positive way. The reader will be transported spiritually to a deeper level of awakening, mentally to a higher state of awareness, all which will lead to experience life with a greater sense of appreciation, purpose, and responsibility. Inspired by a love for life and the depth of life, this compilation of poems touches the heart in ways which are both memorable and heartfelt, ways that will soften the soul and leave one pondering with profundity over the wonders and complexities of human life experience. 

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Should you decide to purchase my book, I truly hope that the reading turns out to be a treasured experience for you and that in whatever way, small or big, it will touch your soul in a memorable way. 


Thank you!
Carmen A. Cisnadean