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A New Year - An Awesome Opportunity To Overcome, Be, and Become

With the coming of the new year, many of us look forward to the fireworks and the champagne. I personally look forward to the spark within ignited by a desire to make 2024 better than 2023. I don't know about you but I am ready to leave behind 2023, by pouring my energy into the new year with a determined mindset which welcomes hard work, ultimately to "fight" for what I want. Despite that every year presents itself with some sort of challenge, I sit in the quiet knowing that whatever storm I might have to face I will definitely not face it with fear. Sometimes confidence isn't enough. This is very true. Sometimes it takes more, yes. But, as long as we stay steady on the aim we have higher chances to succeed. The new year is more than just another opportunity, it is the opportunity to be and become anew. Thus, here is a poem I wrote and published entitled "Despite The Storm" with a special surprise for the new year from me to you at the very end.

Despite The Storm poem by

Carmen A. Cisnadean


In every storm there is a chance, To overcome, to be, to become, A graceful light As brilliant as heaven’s sun,

To brake the chains, To overcome, be, and become, Anew.


You gave me life to take a chance, To overcome, to be, to become,

A breeze of sound Despite the currents wild.  You gave me strength To take the sail,

Beyond the surge To places new.


I live my life, to breach the storm, To overcome, to be, to become, A sturdy ship

Despite the wrath,

To rise above the highest tide

To overcome, be, and become,

A better me. 

To listen to my New Year's message for you and my recital of the poem above, just click the below link and play POEM 3 - "Despite The Storm"

Blessings onto you in the new year and always! Carmen A. Cisnadean

Author. Artist. Poetess.


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