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Soldier On, Soldier One - a Memorial Day poem

Before I share with you one of my latest poems entitled "Soldier On, Soldier One" and my recital of it, I want to first talk about a tradition that goes back to the year 1921 in the USA. It was not until 1937, when the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, in Virginia, became a 24/7 presence, standing watch over the Unknown Soldier memorial site. This is such an astounding example of honoring those who have sacrificed their lives for the preservation of the long-held belief that freedom is not just a way of life but a gift of life worth fighting for. No matter of snow, heat, wind, rain, or any other hazardous weather conditions, these brave sentinels never give up the guard. Think about the loyalty this involves. It is a beautiful performance, the changing of the guards, which takes months to perfect but only minutes to perform. This is not just an example of outstanding duty but also of a standard of perfection. You can actually listen to the sentinel's creed, an extraordinary message, online, if you are interested. The reason I share all this is because I believe honor and duty not only go hand in hand but they are also at the very heart of the American spirit. I hope, truly, that this spirit never gets altered or dies in the people of the United States. Soldiers are not just men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. It's important to also remember why they performed this ultimate sacrifice. Let's never forget that at the very core it was and is about safeguarding: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Isn't this, after all, what we all want out of life? To live, be free, and be happy? I encourage you to keep reading and listen to my recording as I have a few more personal thoughts to share that I think you will appreciate and enjoy.

Soldier On, Soldier One poem by

Carmen A. Cisnadean


Through the trenches In blood painted

None, but you, could understand What you’ve had to be, for whom.

Secrets, you must hold onto

In the name of honor, true. Though I’ve never lived your life I, for you, with ink created Words which aim to aid your pain, Soldier, with heart’s muscles worn,

Let my words remove the woes.


Soldier on, soldier one, In this cup of words I pour

Tears whose overflow unseals Memories of blood so dear Shed for glorious liberty.  

Drink of sacrifices bold Onto freedom’s sake to hold

Precious honor to uphold.

I, for you, have penned this song,

Soldier on, soldier one,

Freedom is your sacred vow.  

Through the skies By fumes obscured

None, but you, could comprehend What you’ve had to see, for whom.

Courage, you must grab onto

In the name of valor, true. Though I’ve never known your suffering I, for you, with ink created Words which aim to heal your scars, Soldier, with soul’s wings torn,

Let my words replace the groans.   

@Copyright 2024 Carmen A. Cisnadean

I invite you to listen to my poem recital and a few personal words from my heart to yours. You may click the link below which will take you directly to my "Her Recitals" page. Once there, scroll down to Poem # 5 -"Soldier On, Soldier One." You are welcome to toggle back and forward between the pages, after, if you wish to. Enjoy the listening.

For honor and duty to be real concepts to us, we must begin to live with deep appreciation and respect for those who fought out of honor and duty for our liberties. Only this way, can we truly live in gratitude for what we did not earn but were granted, through others' sacrifices which were the ultimate sacrifice.

Happy Memorial Day Carmen A. Cisnadean

Author. Artist. Poetess.


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