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"Snow Crab In The Garden" - The Simple Treasures

I miss the ocean. I miss the smell, the feel of the spume over my barren feet, the sound of the waves crashing. It does make me write poetry. However, today I left the poetry writing for another day and instead brought the ocean to my home with a new invention which I named "Carmen's Snow Crab In The Garden," a very simple recipe but delicious. The crab itself came from Royal Greenland, the appointed "Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court." What I love about this company is that they truly take their fishing seriously by focusing on wild-caught seafood of highest quality. The frozen and cooked snow crab maintains its juicy, lightly sweet flavor. It's "wild" because it's actually wild-caught but it's also delicious. In making this salad, everything tasted so fresh as if someone just caught the snow crab five minutes before bringing it into my kitchen. Before I share the simple recipe, I want to share some of the things I learned about snow crabs which attracted me to make this dish to begin with. I also discuss why food is so important to me and my life.

According to an article I read, crab meat is full of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and selenium. "The omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain function, heart health, and reducing inflammation in the body. B12 vitamin is important in nerve function and the production of red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. The zinc is essential for immune system function and wound healing. As for selenium, it helps protect against oxidative damage and supports thyroid function." (Global Seafood, 2023) Like with anything, you have to be careful and not overdo it. Snow crab meat does contain cholesterol. You don't want to eat it daily as that lack of palatal balance and the overindulgence very likely will cause adverse reactions. Plus, it's not cheap so you will have to take that into account as well. But I think it makes a delicious appetizer for any occasional indulgence. I don't need to tell you, however I will, be safe. If you are allergic to shellfish or seafood, you don't want to touch crab meat. Use your judgment, for you are responsible for what you do with your life. Always consult with a doctor if you have concerns, have a medical condition, or take any medications. This goes with any meal you choose to eat whether you prepare it yourself or not.

Those who know me know that I'm a very passionate cook. It's very true. As an artist, I pour out my soul onto not just canvas. I prefer to think of a plate I eat out of as a canvas for my food. I treat each meal as an adventure with endless possibilities. Most importantly, I find food sacred. When I think of the rough times God pulled me through, I cannot think of more important things than: shelter, water, clothing, and food. These are the basics which I never fail to be thankful for. Nothing in life is as indispensable in my opinion. It is these basics I will miss the most from life when one day I am gone. At the end of a hard working day, I want to savor my food by tasting every flavor. I want to and do sit down in a quiet, peaceful place without any distractions. I want the sacred food I eat to create a sacred moment for me that is healing and revitalizing. And it actually does. All my senses are impacted by food. The sight, the smell, the taste, and even hearing my thoughts in my head about each step I take while cooking, all impact my mood. It's a beautiful orchestrated event, from the moment when I pull out the ingredients needed for my meal preparation to the moment I take that first bite. And I want to share with you something else personal. I've never been on depression pills in my life, I've never needed a therapist, and I've never felt out of energy. Food is far more important than we think and so I cherish making it, researching it, and talking about it. Preparing a meal for me is not just art, nutrition, and ingredients coming together. It's a sacred relationship I have with something I am very grateful to have. My love of cooking and the gratitude I feel for food are immeasurable blessings in my life.

Here is my simple recipe. There are tons of recipes online you can find and some will resemble mine as well. If you make it, I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to send me an email with anything you savored about this post at my email provided on the "About The Artist" page on my website if you wish to do so. If you are not making it, read it anyway as you might learn something new you never knew about your salt and pepper shakers.


Snow Crab Meat Organic Mayo Red Onion Chives or Green Onions

Fresh Dill (please do not use dry, it's a rip-off)



The Magic

Chop the onions, chives, fresh dill, celery in small cubes. You can use a food processor if you prefer. Try to cut the crab meat in pieces you like, just have some fun with it even if it looks messy. Now, toss it all together mixing it into a super crazy cool "garden" of goodness. Mix in mayo, start with 1-2 spoons max then gradually add more if necessary. You don't want to swim in mayo, that would steal away too much and it wouldn't be as tasty. Food is sensational, so don't ruin it with too much mayo. Plus, lots of mayo isn't healthy. Lastly, add pepper as per personal preference. Wait, STOP! Slow down, not so fast with that shaker! Your liver is for filtering bad crap you tossed into your system but it's not there for you to abuse of it. Be kind to your liver, it's an amazingly important organ. Doctors often don't talk much about it until there is an issue. Read about it, it will astound you how important it is. Also, your gastrointestinal walls are sensitive to too much pepper as too much pepper can destroy the gut lining. Be careful and study up. Why did I not tell you to add salt? For one, snow crab already has plenty of salt. In fact, maybe even too much so DON'T add salt. As you know, too much sodium in your daily diet and you could be at risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and it can increase your chances of having a stroke or congestive heart failure. Plus, mayo has salt too! So, leave out the salt! Lastly, if you are like me and enjoy the aesthetics of food, see above how beautiful this looks on a cracker while accompanied by apple slices. Also, careful with eating too many apples, they are very high in sugar and sugar can kill us slowly but surely. On sugar, my favorite book is "Pure White and Deadly" by John Yudkin, a renowned biochemist and physician, a MUST READ book. I read it like three times in my lifetime, thus far. Amazing book. Stay safe and healthy.

Food is a sacred bliss I'll never take for granted.

Carmen A. Cisnadean

Author. Artist. Poetess.


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