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Through The Hourglass - Carmen's Poem About Time

It is hard to believe that we are in month number six of the year 2022. Time flies, indeed. Every Friday night I accustom to write. I love not being interrupted. My favorite time is when I can simply dive into the quiet of the night and write to my heart's content. As I was working on my third book tonight, I felt compelled to share one of my many poems with you. It might seem odd, taking a break from writing by replacing it with reading. But poetry recital is so very dear to my heart. The poem "Through The Hourglass" was published in my first published book, A Poetess' First Flight. The poem talks about time, not just time as this fickle entrapment from which we cannot escape but far more. In my poem, I tried to call out some important elements of why I believe time is independent of us yet so much a part of us. I also call out some important aspects I believe we so often neglect and/or ignore. Time, I wrote, doesn't ask permission, doesn't pardon, doesn't owe, doesn't excuse, doesn't bow, etc. To me, all these interesting aspects about time are marks of God's signature over my own life. You don't have to believe in the same God I do and you don't even need to believe in any God, to understand that all of the aforementioned characteristics of time are entirely independent of what we feel and know. To me, this in itself is, however, time's way of urging me to live a life full of awareness. Below are the words, taken as a snapshot directly from my book page number two. I added as background a picture I found, one I really loved, which I think is very complimentary to the actual subject matter. I am artistic, cannot help it. And, as a side note, my father had a collection of pocket watches I absolutely adored and I love being in the woods more than anywhere else on Earth. Thus, I find that this picture represented me quite well, also. I do, however, have one more surprise for you; see below.

"Through The Hourglass" poem by Carmen A. Cisnadean

Background song you hear behind my reading of my poem is one of my favorites called "Time Forgotten" posted by TuneCore on Youtube by Brian Records which I, as a big lover of classical and instrumental music that is sentimental, absolutely adore.

Should you desire to learn more about my book A Poetess' First Flight, you may visit my "Her Books" page on my website. I thank you for reading my diary post and hope you enjoyed it. Time drifts relentlessly without asking permission. I am, however, obliged to it in ways beyond permissible. Carmen A. Cisnadean Author, Artist, Poetess


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