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The Environment Perfect For You To Do More Than Blossom, To Thrive

It's springtime. The time when flowers peak their beautiful faces towards humanity showing us how much we have to learn about grace and elegance is amongst us. But flowers don't merely teach that. Not at all. That is not even the most important lesson to be learned from flowers. But this is. In order for a flower to blossom, the plant overall has to thrive in its environment. The same concept can be applied to human life. If we want to blossom in whatever we try to accomplish with life, we have to create an environment that facilitates that for us. One of the fondest lessons I learned from flowers is related to the concept of wellness. Today, many flowers are used in spa experiences as holistic treatments, while others are edible and provide astounding flavors to meals and beverages. When you look at the desert flowers, you would never think that such beautiful flowers could ever grow in their desert habitat. Yet, these particular flowers, which I captured with my camera today, are just within the right environment to do more than thrive. We have much to yet learn from flowers, God's mighty power nested in petals. - Carmen A. Cisnadean

A message from my heart to yours

Carmen A. Cisnadean


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