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Gratefulness During Uneasy Times

With all the uncertainties in our world today, I want to honor my work colleague Ester for lifting up my spirit today. Our world has been turned upside-down. It's been like watching a horror movie only you know this is not a movie but real life events that impact the now. Thinking about the devastation that has shadowed our world in the past two weeks alone, it's just been overwhelming and I am not even touching the surface as to how disheartening it's been. I just want to say that Ester's message to me today lit up my world, it was an unexpected surprise my heart cherished. And I want to emphasize how much it means during uneasy times. Don't ever underestimate the power of your words to your colleagues, friends, family, etc., especially during these difficult and uncertain times we are faced with. One word of gratitude, acknowledgment, or appreciation can go very far for someone else. It can light up one's day and enliven one's spirit, exactly when they most need it. While I first read Ester's words, I thought she was just thanking me for the information I supplied her with as part of my job; nothing outside of the norm. But, when I read the words "PS... my kids loved your book," I felt like all of the heaviness I have been feeling in my soul lately had been replaced by nothing but ease and hope, something I am very grateful for. I have lately been thinking a lot about the future of our world, future generations to come, the future of the children of this world, and cannot help but admit that it all felt unsettling. Reading Ester's words tonight reminded me of that spark of hope I so much hold onto for humanity.

Ester probably did not realize how much her brief message did for me today. In the last few weeks, with all that has been going on, I felt more than distracted but rather incapacitated and I don't mean by the BPPV condition I've been seeing my physical therapist for but the dreadful events which threaten the very peace in our world today. Yet, reading the message from Ester tonight put a big smile on my face as I was thinking of future generations, the hope I want them to carry into the future to come. And it made me smile also because I am not a parent myself, so for me to know that I brought some joy in the lives of children is quite a big deal even if those children are not my own. A friend recently said to me, "you are so busy shedding light for the world, I wonder if you leave any for you." Gratefully I responded, "the light rebounds, it never ceases to return to me somehow." But, the reality is that all of my family is very far from me and happen to be quite close geographically to the tragedy in Ukraine. My heart is just overwhelmed with not only what could happen to my own family but what has already happened to millions of Ukrainian men, women, and children. Ester's words left me hopeful for the children of the world and their future to come. So, to Ester, thank you so much for your kind gesture to buy my book for your children and for sharing with me their reaction today. It truly meant the world to me and it reminded me why I do what I do.

My book "The Velvety Bandit of Whisker-Witty-Whoville" is a Christmas story which I wrote and illustrated that got published around Christmas of 2021. To learn more about my books, you're welcome to visit the "Her Books" page on this website, should you desire so.

One word of gratitude, acknowledgment, or appreciation can go very far for someone else.

It can light up one's day and enliven one's spirit, exactly when they most need it.

Carmen A. Cisnadean

Author, Artist, Poetess


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