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A Labor of Love - My Own

A Captain lead detective to be more precise, a cat inhabited island, orphaned kittens, a cats-motel, a heart going from cold to warm, and so much more, makes up my labor of love which is my first "children's book" entitled __________________. Not telling just yet! It is meant to be a surprise! After all, it is far more exciting being surprised right before Christmas, especially since this is indeed a Christmas story. Let's just call it for now,

Carmen's Labor of Love!

It was a labor of love - mine. It was a labor of love of mine for humanity. Yes, it involved sacrifices, loads of work, diligence, patience, persistence, sleepless nights, to name a few things. But it was a labor of love, authentically mine, designed by me for you and all the children of this world. No, a world pandemic did not stop me because I made sure that as long as there was still air pumping in my lungs and blood running through my veins, a heartbeat in my heart beating, that this labor of love of mine was no longer a dream but a mission on its way to being fulfilled. Why? I will tell you why later. But for now, see below.

Carmen signing off her last review of her manuscript

Thank You For Stopping By

Carmen A. Cisnadean


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