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 Carmen A. Cisnadean

Welcome To My Website

My mission is to inspire and empower my many readers to believe in themselves despite any adversity. I believe that our ability to reinvent ourselves in a favorable way can lead to creating a rewarding life worthy of remembrance. I write so that I may encourage personal fulfillment based on the power of the mind to rebuild mentality and redirect intentions.


As an avid reader, I myself found inspiration in enumerate books written by some of the world's most amazing influencers anywhere from entrepreneurs like Trevor Blake and Dean Graziosi to psychologists such as B. F. Skinner and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. These books, along with a childhood spent in a former communist country, the building of a life in the land of opportunity, and many lessons learned along the way, have inspired my mission as author and artist. 

I hope you enjoy my website and thank you for stopping by.
You're welcome to check out my books on this site, read some of my diary posts, listen to some of my poetry, or browse some of my artwork.


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The most important thing we can ever do is to learn from others. If we approach life with this attitude, growth will become the inevitable good.

 Carmen A. Cisnadean

Carmen A. Cisnadean 

 Author, Artist, Poetess


Carmen A. Cisnadean
The Creative Visionary
Author, Artist, Poetess

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Bestowed recognition by The National Society of Poets

Contributed several articles to Thrive Global, on several topics from social accountability to awareness

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Contact Information

Selected as a winning contestant for writing an alternative ending to Umberto Giordano's opera "Andrea Chénier" which took me to Milano, Italy, in 2018

Published "A Poetess' First Flight," in March of 2020

Unstrung magazine of, for and about poetry a project of the Arizona Consortium for the Arts Summer of 2020 recognition and publication


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Recognized as a visual artist by honorable Artists AZ, sponsored by entities such as Arizona Commission on The Arts & City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, to name a few, in July of 2020

Member of the Academy of American Poets recognition and induction, September of 2020

Recognized by Highland Park Poetry Society and Recepient of Book Review by Emma Alexandra Kowalenko, founder of East on Central Journal of Arts and Letters & VP of the Sister Cities Foundation of Highland Park, March of 2022. To read Emma's review of my poetry book, please visit my "Her Books" page on this website 

Confucius once said "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."  I truly believe that in everything we do there is never failure as long as we are willing to get up, learn from the past, re-create ourselves meanwhile mastering lessons learned. In all matters, small or big, be a good person, of course, but always be yourself. You owe it to yourself to be and remain authentic.

  Carmen A. Cisnadean



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