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When CHALLENGE becomes CHANGE - Earth's infrared light and the HOTWORX miracle!

HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Tonight I want to share with you about a life changing experience of my own, my holiday miracle. First, I am eternally grateful to Stephen P. Smith for his extraordinary innovation known as HOTWORX! Many thanks to Ms. Kiki and Ms. Bee for kicking my ass from behind a screen! Last but not least, a big THANK YOU to sweet Peyton of Charlotte, NC, you bright my day each time I see you with your intoxicating energy. Thank you to the entire HOTWORX crew for the insanely powerful mark you left on my life and body in just one week! This winter holiday season, I am so grateful for the miracle of you and your expertise. You are a blessing to know and I absolutely love you all!

BECAUSE YOU CAN! As a busy professional, at times, I have dreaded visiting the regular gym for several valid motives. Between my busy accountant and writer lifestyle and the educational pursuits I continue to embark on, I have limited free time. Thus, I don't enjoy wasting my precious time. Every success driven person knows that it takes hard work to make serious advance in life; but, no successful person is deceived by what looks good. A successful person knows that we need what IS good for us and that what is good also means some form of work. Before my relocation to NC, I used to own a membership to a luxurious fitness center. The commute alone was a time killer. In addition, between getting there, changing attire, working out, showering, changing attire again, and commuting back home, I found myself frittering away 3-4 hours a day. I did not enjoy that, though I love to exercise. I, like many professionals, needed something far more efficient and effective in my life. I needed a full body workout that made me sweat big time, because I am smart enough to know the benefits of sweating toxins. But, the regular gym experience was not giving me the results I wanted, as fast as I wanted them, and at the cost I thought was reasonable. Face it with me, how many of you want to be fit and well? How many of you pay for a gym membership you hardly ever use? And how many of you think you are not getting enough of a result despite attending your regular gym?

BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT! For me, being I am writing a 3rd book now on the power of self-empowerment, discovering the wonders of HOTWORX was the highlight of my twilight. I share because I want YOU to be aware that there are options for you out there and you should never settle for something as low as "I cannot do it." I also share because I understand why today it's so hard, for so many of us, to fit exercise in our schedules. Few people I've met, including my past-self, find the consistent pattern and flow in routine exercise which isn't excessive but just enough. Because I studied a lot about nutrition, I know that great nutrition alone isn't enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is invaluable in my personal life. My life changed since December 9th, because with HOTWORX I have everything I want. The warmth of the infrared sauna at HOTWORX is a good addiction to have and it's no wonder why when you understand the wonders behind infrared light. The benefits range from: detox, intensified burning of calories, anti-aging collagen stimulation, healing power, pain relief, increased blood flow, and relaxation. In an article from "Higherdose" I read,"infrared saunas decrease cortisol and increase serotonin" so if you want a healthy addiction instead of one which leads to misery, you will soon be shouting your Hallelujahs! Let's also take a look at the Cleveland Clinic, one of the most renowned heart clinics in the world and what they say. "Within minutes of sitting in an infrared sauna, your body’s natural response begins. Beads of sweat appear on your skin. Your blood vessels widen and increase blood flow. Your heart rate ticks up. What’s happening mimics exercise when you think of the physiology,” explains Dr. Young. “There’s a benefit to that.” Furthermore, "Warming your body seems to warm your soul, too. Setting aside some sauna time may help decrease depression, anxiety and stress. Basically, think of it as a meditation session in warmer temperatures." HOTWORX gives me EVERYTHING most important to me: time efficiency, a full body workout, plenty of sweat, burning of calories, happiness, complete mental disconnect, a body detox, muscle toning, and total relaxation and renewal. In addition, every class makes me feel like I have a personal trainer without having to pay additional absurd fees for an actual live one. Lastly, I don't need to be in a room with dozens of people starring while I sweat my ass off and get my body fat under control. It's truly marvelous at every level. And, when it comes to cost, it's more than reasonable. The cost of this program is a membership of $60 per month. That comes to about $2 per day. That is way cheaper than what I used to pay elsewhere. I truly feel like I get far more, for far less, in less time. Whatever form of exercise you do, make sure you choose to care for you in the best manner you can because you do only live once.

BECAUSE YOU DO MATTER! Please do your diligent research, talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise program, and if you do try it I will say follow the recommendations from The Cleveland Clinic, found at the link below. I'd say the most important ones to call out are start slow, don't force yourself because you don't want to get dizzy or have a heart attack. Use common sense, so start with little and then build slowly over time. Every time I go, it's a challenge for me and I LOVE IT. I also highly recommend hydration. It's critical that you drink water. Research why on your own. If you can shower right after, wash those toxins off you before they go back into your pores. Don't do more than you can and stop if you are out of breath, too tired, or feel faint. It's critical you listen to YOUR body and don't overdo it.

For the Cleveland Clinic article on infrared sauna benefits, visit:

In but a week, HOTWORX gave me my life back. It's a kind of "wild" that is great for me.

I want you to all know that it's never too late to change because when we learn a new way that is actually good for us and challenges us, that is when we will taste the fruits of change. Be empowered by my message, to seek and do what is right for you at all times.




I share with love and hope in humanity, in every one of us. This life is not easy and much seems broken in our world and is. However, there is ALWAYS hope and our willpower.

Lastly, as an avid reader who loves to read not just write books, I want to recommend a book that will blow your minds away! This book will change your life, so I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants to understand why so many people struggle today with obesity and sugar cravings. Learn, empower yourself with knowledge, this is my #1 recommendation to all who want a better way of life. No doctor on planet Earth can fully educate you; that is not their job. They are trained to treat disease, above everything else. This implies that by the time we go to a doctor, they expect something to be going wrong.

BE FILLED WITH LIGHT THIS HOLIDAY! And if you choose HOTWORX, I hope you'll love it as much as I do!

Carmen A. Cisnadean

Author. Artist. Poetess

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