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Updated: Apr 18

Welcome to My Neverland, a world that celebrates my many "children" with which you will hopefully get acquainted in the years to come, a world of adventure that celebrates goodness, kindness, and love. Here is a video which shall serve as an introduction to far more which I plan to share in the future to come. Being an artist comes with a great responsibility and that is to resurrect the good into this world, heal the world through creativity, and inspire others to be the best version of themselves possible. At least, this is my opinion, one by which I stand firmly. LOVE is the KEY to healing. Thus, embedded in this video and post there is much love bundled in, love for the miracle of life, love for humanity, love for change for the better, love for the innocent, and far more. People will always come to tell you what you should wear, how thin you can be, what music to love, whose friend you should be, what hairstyle to get, and the list is endless; ultimately, there is just far too much pressure on you about who you should be. Let me ask you a question. Who of those people ever taught you how to love yourself? Very likely not many but more than likely nobody. That is because we have been programmed to believe that loving oneself is wrong and selfish. Which all that means is, you are always left at the mercy of others loving you. It’s beautiful to both love and be loved. Indeed. And though there is a balanced degree that is healthy to be practiced in anything, I do not believe God wants you or me or anyone, for that matter, to wait on others to love us. I think it is dangerous, for especially children and teens to grow up always craving this longing and waiting for it’s fulfillment. Children growing up with no concept of self-love, often experience struggles with acceptance/rejection which can have negative results. I think that is why God said “God is love” and if God lives in you then it’s safe to assume that you are love. So, if you are love, shouldn’t you start with loving you? Of course, it is understood that if you are indeed love, you will also show love to others not just yourself. But remember, when you were born it started with you and someday it will end with you too. So, whose love for you will matter the most? And if you love others but not yourself, what do you think that would do in the long run to your life? My advice is, just be yourself. And if you are love trust me, it will come out. There is nothing more authentic than being you because anything else is just imitation of someone else. Keeping your authenticity is very important to your individuality. Don’t be afraid to just be YOU and love yourself in the process. Shine bright, but do it your way.

I shall teach others how to choose happy, how to choose self-love. - Carmen A. Cisnadean

With much love, Carmen A. Cisnadean The Creative Visionary @Copyright 2021 Carmen A. Cisnadean (aka Kraela)

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