Recital of my poem "The Astronaut’s Box of Stars-Shaped Buttons"

Many children grow up with dreams which are shattered before they can fully dream them, which is truly unfair to a life form that has just as much right to dream big as we all do. I urge parents to consider not shattering the dreams of their children but instead allow them the opportunity to give themselves a fair chance in life. Thank you for the listening and I hope this poem touches your heart. Thank you very much for at least giving it a shot. Poetry is very dear to me, especially as a poetess, but not for selfish motives. Simply, it is a gift I wish to share with the world. I hope you enjoy this recital and thank you for your precious time.

The Astronaut’s Box of Stars-Shaped Buttons poem by Carmen A. Cisnadean

They said, “you have no mama” And I went to my box Of stars-shaped buttons To pray for a mother. They said, “you have no dada” And I went to my box Of stars-shaped buttons To pray for a father. Nobody seemed to come Wanderlust pounding within, I thought If I only could be with the stars So I gazed at my stars-shaped buttons Seeing the trivial dawn on me Until I met her, the one with words as elixir, Who flew my soul to the stars And life turned to the page of self-love, There ain’t nothing fatuous About my box of stars-shaped buttons And the one thanks to whom I could gaze at the starlight inside.

They once vilified me, “nobody’s gonna love ya”

And I went to my stars-garbed sky

To thank the heavens

For stars that don’t live in boxes.

They once badgered me, “you’re a nobody”

And I went to tell them

That I turned astronaut

Thanks to a voice that was medicine

For a man who was once an orphan

And no, she was not my mother,

She was my angel, in my case, even better.

@Copyright 2021 Carmen A. Cisnadean (aka Kraela)

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