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Freedom Of Choice, Human Basic Rights, and Experimental Trials and Errors Of Our Modern Age

The greatest dream of my life turned into a reality for me after I moved to the United States of America where I became a free citizen of this great nation. But before all this, I knew no grand liberties. As a person who grew up in a former communist country, I could smell corruption before corruption was about to turn the corner of my street. I grew up knowing what it meant to be oppressed, silenced, brainwashed, and controlled by a totalitarian governmental entity living behind the mask of communism. But can democracy be misused by certain corrupt people who are infringing upon this wonderful country's Constitution under a similar mask? - is what I ponder upon lately. Nothing and I mean nothing is more priceless than our basic human rights. I stand today in silence thinking about future generations, what they would have to face or endure should those basic human rights no longer be under the protection of our country's Constitution, should the same people who are infringing upon it take it away or alter it in a negative way. Seeing people sit numb to the truth, while our basic human rights are being encroached upon, is what I worry about for that will lead to our basic human rights being swept from under us eventually. Should we take the Constitution away, we'd take away the hopes and dreams of your children's children. And I say your children's children because I don't have children. Should I have had children, I'd be even more worried. As I write this diary entry, I want you to realize that I have risked and given up being close to my immediate family to be in this country for one simple reason: freedom; the freedom which is protected by the US Constitution. When I say freedom, I don't mean just freedom of religion, speech, etc., but also freedom of choice and thought. I never call myself a Republican or a Democrat. I call myself a Constitutionalist because I know this central truth about American history to be invaluable and indispensable to its integrity - that without protecting the human basic rights prescribed in the Preamble and the Articles of the Constitution, this nation will turn into a socialistic pit and eventually into a totalitarian ditch. I am sure your children's children will not want that as a reality for themselves. Thus, I urge everyone reading this to please protect that which made this country great to begin with - The Constitution.

The video below comes from a woman, a doctor as well as lawyer, who wants to do exactly that. This video is not for the faint of heart and if you are pro vaccination you won't like the video, perhaps. You have two choices. You can stop reading and listening by leaving this page right now. Or, you are welcome to listen with an open mind and make sound judgment of what you hear. It's really not my problem or business what you do. That is your personal decision, as what I do in my free time is mine. THAT is freedom. But freedom must be exercised carefully, mindfully, and responsibly. I do agree with that. This video did make me question the alternative motives behind the modus operandi of certain entities, and whether we can all turn this country back to the nation it once was. We all know that free speech feels more like a fog today, since we all know it is infringed upon by social media entities who pretend to protect the basic human rights by restricting our very ability to express ourselves and our concerns which in itself is a violation of that which they claim to protect. The definition of a law is the system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties. But what kind of laws are made, whether or not those laws are fair and just, who has authority over that? Well, the Constitution does. You take away the Constitution, you can say good-bye to your personal basic human rights which would ensure a fair and just system for all. When it comes to the vaccine I am sure you heard many sides, you did the best you could, and chose what you thought was best for you. I don't care what you do ultimately with your body; it's your body. You have a right over your own body. Unless you are mentally incapacitated by a mental illness that hinders you from making decisions on your own which isn't something you should be ashamed of, then you shouldn't let others decide what goes in and out of your body. Free will comes with both responsibility and accountability. I love Murray Rothbard's words below. I never before read a more beautiful statement so real. Don't his words alone make you love your human life so much more? It sure does have that effect on me.

The exercise of totalitarian rules over the lives of good, innocent people, who are not harming anyone this is in itself a crime. It's scary to think that someone can come and tell you that you are obligated to take an experimental vaccine or else you are out of your job. This is not how a concerned with health government acts. A concerned with health government finds treatment and distributes that treatment more eagerly than it promotes vaccines that don't work or work only for a select few. I understand that in an emergency situation, like when Covid became a reality in 2020, those with higher death risk, such as people who already suffered from an illness, would want to take the vaccine because the probability of the protection outweighed for them the probability of death, so they thought it was the best option at the time. Although most, if they were honest, would admit that they didn't know what would have happened to them or whether or not it would protect them from getting Covid; they were just willing to take that risk. Nothing wrong with that. Even doctors didn't know back then what would have happened. To this day doctors cannot tell you exactly what will happen to you or not. They speculate, make an educated guess, looking at what has happened so far. But nobody can guarantee you anything. And to sue the vaccine makers, don't worry they made it so you cannot do that for so many years you'd be dead and unable to file a lawsuit from your grave; they are smart but only looking after their own interest and protection, not yours or your family's. Now, we have more and more medical research that has surfaced since this all started and we can question more whether the vaccine is actually working or not. But, at the end of the day, nobody blames anyone if they wanted that "protection" for themselves, regardless if most rushed into it out of fear. It's more a mental protection than a physical one. And what I mean is this, your mind will go to many things out of fear but if all is silenced into a reasoned perspective, with calm, your mind will begin to NOT immediately react out of fear. I'll talk more about that in my third book which I am now writing. Nonetheless, regardless of fear or no fear, your personal choice over your own body is yours. Coercing people against their personal freedom and their personal wish, especially when we are talking about an experimental injection, doesn't reflect the ideals of a free nation. We all want this to stop and we want to move past it - I get it. In all societal bodies, rules and regulations should be administered carefully and measured against checks and balances. Checks and balances are in place so that we can be protected under our Constitutional rights and ensure tranquility as best we can within society. But not one person alone can or ever should be above the Constitution in any way. Once that person thinks he or she is above it, all hell will break loose. So, what we can best do is protect the Constitution. If we don't do it for us, we should for the children.

Please view this video at your discretion. You are expected to comply with this basic freedom you possess right now, freedom of choice. You can watch it or not. I personally love to learn. I am open minded and want and seek the truth. I am one of those people who likes to listen to all sides, multiple takes, so I can make best judgment once I listened or read enough. I know the truth is hard to get to when so much can be controlled and kept away from you via people who exercise their power unfairly. But I like options; not having options would be communism which I don't like at all. So, I listen, think, and assess. I sometimes use this journal to write down my thoughts and share them with others. However, I just want the truth for my own personal life. There is a saying I'm sure you are all familiar with, "The truth will set you free." I think the truth just turns you more aware and knowledgeable and to some extent that awareness and knowledge turn you mentally free to make better assessments. Without the truth there are only lies. And who in their right mind wants a life full of lies? Not me, thank you. I listen, watch, read and I read a lot more than I watch and listen. We all know fake news or controlled news limits us intellectually, so it's better to read medical journals however difficult they are to read by non-medically trained folks like me. Though I must say, a twelve year old can read the intro and summary of any medical research document and make sense of it. I make best sense I can of what I learn. No different than I hope everyone does. I am not against the vaccine for the right people who need it and want it. But I am against the corrupt bullying that coercing acts elicit when they oppress the basic human rights of any individual regardless of color, age, ethnicity or sex. The privilege of living in a free country is to exercise personal freedom of choice responsibly. People died and sacrificed their lives so we can exercise this freedom today. And this is what I stand for the most. I encourage, therefore, just common sense and the protection of the Constitution.

I pray for the world. We need peace now more than ever. We need it for our own sanity for one. We need to inspire others, via love and unity, to make the world a better place.

To watch the video, please copy and paste the below link into your browser. Listen to Episode One of Doc Tracy.

May Justice, Liberty, and Goodness Prevail Carmen A. Cisnadean
Author, Artist, Poetess

God bless America, land of the free and home of the brave,

and every nation on earth that seeks to protect the common and basic, most fundamental rights of The People. - Carmen A. Cisnadean

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