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Champ - The Teddy Bear That Reminds Me of The Best Of All Gifts

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of having a classy, brown teddy bear. I did receive a big teddy bear but it was all colorful, made of all the colors of the rainbow. And it was made out of a material that did not seem to resemble at all the coat of a bear. And though I liked him very much, for I was grateful to have at least one bear rather than none, the longer I had him the less of a bear he seemed to me. Years went by, and I never received or bought that special bear until last year. To get some relief from at-home Covid-imprisonment, I went to an antique store. I always loved visiting antique stores out of appreciation for history and vintage memorabilia. High up, on the top shelf of a bookcase, was the classy, brown teddy bear I always dreamed of. I was very pleased to have Teddy, even gave him the royal seat of the house - my bed. Though I must say, this bed is the worst bed I ever slept on but once again it's better than not having a bed right? It's all about perspective. But truly, never ever sleep on an air bed if you can avoid it. Don't be cheap with yourself and get a real bed. I didn't choose to because I knew I was moving and I did not want to have to take a large item with me. But really, avoid the air bed at all cost. I think that thing can kill a person long term. Anyways, back to the awesome teddy story. On my birthday, this year, my colleagues offered me a lovely surprise which due to Covid had to be delivered to my home. The gift was a lovely, edible floral arrangement in addition to a little teddy bear I called Champ, yes the one in the picture. The classy, brown teddy bear I had bought at the antique store was worth more in monetary value and appeared more sophisticated. However, Champ, though he seemed more simplistic and was worth less in monetary value, was way softer. The moral of the story is, when you finally find or attain that which you always dreamed of, you may realize it was not really fitting for you. In addition, my short little story here serves as example as to how the softness of my teddy bear Champ was so much more important to me than the sophisticated, classy attributes of my vintage teddy bear. These stories I share with you have a point. I don't share aimlessly. They are stories which carry the meaningful, stories which I hope touch your soul. And, last but not least, I shall leave you with this final thought.

The most valuable of all gifts tend to come in smaller sizes, cannot be measured by material value, and are softer to the human soul. - Carmen A. Cisnadean

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