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Anger - A Most Damaging Power. Trading Anger For Forgiveness.

Today I have a message about anger inspired by an incredibly intelligent man, former attorney, and God loving individual, Pastor John Munro, whose words touched my life today. Anger is an emotion every single human being has experienced with from very early stages of life experience. Regardless of one's belief system or where a person may be in his or her life, anger is a very dangerous and harmful emotion that must be managed timely and effectively. Anger causes much transgression, damage, not just to one's overall well-being, but to the person to whom the anger is projected regardless if the one doing the projection is aware of it or not. Anger is a power that if not managed properly it can be misdirected in ways that are extremely harmful to relationships but not only. Even in the lives of peace-loving beings, like myself, anger seems to sneak in and we wonder why, right? We say to ourselves, "but I have a peaceful life, harmonious, happy, why is this anger making its way in my life?" Perhaps it is because someone else dumped it in your life and you accepted it, forgave it, or even went as far as overlooked it pretending it's not a big deal. Anger will sneak in whenever and wherever it can regardless of how you feel about it. This is the evil nature of anger which is underestimated in our society today. Thus, it becomes actual work to manage it. To resolve your anger, before you dump it into someone else's life, this alone requires introspection. But giving it no opportunity to foment strife, hardship, and bitterness, requires more than reflection and introspection but strength of mind and the choice to harness power over anger before it turns explosive.

The below image comes from NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine). Why would I care about it? I do care about it not just because I love psychology and did a year of study in the subject but because I recognize the scientific impact of emotions on our physical well-being, literally how anger impacts the brain. You can read and save a copy of this chart at: Please make sure you provide Copyright references whenever you use this chart as a courtesy to those at NICABM who worked hard to make this chart possible out of respect towards their work and dedication to science.

Be honest with yourself. When was the last time you were angry and reacted out of anger towards someone you loved whether because you felt the person did not do you justice, was rude towards you, belittled you, or treated you inhumanely? It's reasonable to feel defensive when someone has wronged you, whether they have misrepresented you or simply-stated hurt you. But the response to anger should never be anger. Anger as a reaction to anger, this alone causes an unbreakable loop and soon enough this loop can get out of control like a growing and spreading cancer. The best thing to do is walk away from it. Sometimes we want to stick around to defend ourselves, thinking somehow it will make it right even though it never seems to. Realize instead this, you are NEVER responsible for an other's actions. Own your own mistakes and walk away, but do not let anger win. If you can, convert it into love. If you cannot, move on and walk away. Act out of good perspective rather than angry feelings for anger is foolish, damaging, and extremely childish. Substitute anger with love and kindness and let these good things represent you in society, at home, or wherever you may be. If you are a Christian, look at God's example of righteousness. He said it better than any of us could have said it, me included: "Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another." - Ephesians 4:31-32

Forgiveness comes first. Healing comes second. Carmen A. Cisnadean

Written With Love For You

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