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A Soulmate Kind Of Love - To The Only Flyboy That I'll Ever Love, A Poem Unlike No Other

I've never imagined falling in love with an aviator. Such a thing never crossed my mind, until a day in which God showed me that His ways are indeed mysterious and not my ways. It so happened, that this unthinkable story led me to meet the only kindred spirit I have ever known and had the privilege to love. It's special in life to meet a kindred soul, very special, even more special when there is a deep connection that is felt on both ends which you both know is not from this world. It is incredibly profound to find yourself into another as into a mirror and yet know that the differences which are there serve both individuals in a most favorable way, if only they would both give it their all and make it their true intent to do so. It's more than just the most important story of my life when it comes to matters of the heart; it's the one story which suffused my soul in ways that made me believe in a concept which, previously, I greatly doubted in - and that is the notion of a soulmate. This poem is dedicated to the one who called himself my "Prince Charming," you know who you are. I also dedicate this poem to all those who have known the love of a soulmate or the longing for a soulmate, as well as anyone and everyone who reads and appreciates the poem I both wrote and read for you below. For an optimum experience with my poetry, I highly recommend you play my reading in the YouTube video below while you follow the words of the poem all on the same screen. To those who read and/or listen, I hope your experience is enjoyable. Lastly, should you ever find a soulmate, hold on as tightly and for as long as you possibly can - it's sacred and beyond sacred. It's not from this world.

To The Only Flyboy That I’ll Ever Love

poem by Carmen A. Cisnadean A story like this, a one kind of tale No Machiavellian love fairytale A real and raw, only true love can bare, With its prophetic, Herculean stare Enticing the stars to witness its ways

Within an out-of-this-world, surreal kind of maze As my quill pen takes a dip in my heart This sacred love via words, I send off on a cloud For you, the only flyboy that I’ll ever love in my heart.

Embrace yourself as you set free Your heart’s drum which beats for me As with the same rhythm, my heart, Flutters your way on soul's wings, soft, My Navy pilot man I love, this was A takeoff, you’ve never quite thought of, The flight of a love so old and yet new

Then and now, heartbeats hide feelings’ roots true, In you, heart-strings’ claims first grip and then pull.

I have admired the love which you hold For metal wings and their souls, quite worn, If only with the same great force Your kindred spirit you’d more than but loved. Six tons, two men, and a griffin, Stories we’d share while time bowed in our favor, Except you turned presence to absence, such scruple,

Until my voice settled back in, unveiling the real, To you, the only boy in the sky I’ve actually believed in.

I cherished to know our kindred flame Which fueled our flight’s engine the same way, Except I never got to see you fly The one wild bird with wings of firefly, I marveled at our kindred parallels, flawless, A token from the giver of lights, such a blessing,

I cosset these words and conquer my fears

For you, the prince of my princess-like-dreams. Inside your eyes I found my mirror Except we owned a distinct pair of wings You fly machines while I fly souls, Yet we entwined like roads but destined to merge At intersection sealed by God’s love so dear To adore the other, came with so much ease, Except that your hand held a pair of keys To doors you ran out of time to open inside me, yet, In you, a love never ceased growing for me.

You said, if only they could talk, About the metal birds vociferous But if they’d cry your way, my aviator babe, I’m not sure you could feel their claims You’d say they know no pain, meanwhile, With words, I’d mend their broken vintage hearts Time, despite gaps rather circumspect and wild, Returned one love-handle spin your way, sending wake-waves To you, the Captain of my heart’s vessel true.

When you truly love, you show it.

You don't advertise it but demonstrate it via actions.

Carmen A. Cisnadean

Author, Artist, Poetess Acta Non Verba

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