A Next Chapter... The Spirit in The Mirror... My Pledge to Those I Will Serve

I feel grateful for forty years of life experience, humbled by so much I have learned, walking my life path's trails, meeting the storms, crossing the bridges, drenching in the pouring rain, yet not ever losing my faith in God without whom I could not have arrived where I am today. I lived my entire youth looking at myself into a mirror, being my hardest critic despite all the wonderful things I have accomplished and the many obstacles I overcame alone, until one day when I saw my spirit look back at me. When you meet your inner you, for the first time, it is the scariest and the most beautiful thing you could ever experience. It is the most powerful experience yet hardest to accomplish due to the need for deep inner reflection, meditation, evolution, introspection, patience, and a connection to the divine. In the future to come, as I will be shifting my career path towards counseling and art therapy, I will make great efforts to help many souls accomplish just this. I think it will make a significant impact in the lives of others. I will dedicate my rest of my life to prove it via my works in literature, art, and psychology. My next chapter is going to be about me and you, yes you, those whom I will help get wherever you want to be in life, those who seek to become well and overcome challenges, those who need hope, and those of you who long to meet your spiritual selves unlike you ever experienced before as you gaze into the mirror of your soul. And no, this is NOT via any harmful methods (no hallucinatory drugs, no alcohol, no substance abuse of any kind) for I believe those are very harmful to humanity and I have sound motives for this which I will explain later on. I have never done drugs in my entire life, I do not drink alcohol, and I never have been a person who experienced with or experimented with any substance abuse. On the contrary, I am highly against any harmful practices that can present a threat to human life in any of the following areas of health: cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual. My method will be via a genuine friendship, first and foremost, which will aim to empower, uplift, and encourage others using the concept of power of the mind over matter. It will be one in which goodness, confidentiality, and kindness are central. And it will be one that respects the code of ethics as prescribed by the American Psychological Association and its principles which reflect respect for human life, compassion, and integrity. Only with God's help. After all, we are at his mercy every single day.

With love,

Carmen A. Cisnadean The Creative Visionary on Facebook Author of "A Poetess' First Flight"

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