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A 15-minute Bible Study with Carmen - From Spiritual Struggle To Spiritual Peace and Joy

In today’s reading I touch on the brilliance of children, confess to my own struggles as a young girl with the church, show how Bible study doesn’t have to be a drag, share the deepest longing of the soul, and what time, patience, and understanding can do for our human spirit and spiritual life. I bring up the notion of behavioral programming as related to ritualistic behavior. I talk about a love for life which should push us past these barriers with an attempt to gain greater understanding as well as peace and joy. I hope you allow yourself the privilege to be open to what God can speak to you and through you in less than 15-minutes. We spend so much time wasting endless hours of our days on frivolous things. If only we were willing to sit quietly in introspection that can change our perspective on how we approach reading material, we might understand the importance of how we take in that which we read. My message is relevant, applicable, and honest. It is simplistic in nature but it comes from my heart. May you gain something valuable from this brief reading. I thank you for spending some time with me and pray that you never give up on yourself. Nobody, except for you, can ultimately decide what your spiritual reality will be. Be open.

If you are interested in the 365-day devotional book I read from, it is called Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young. I have zero material gain from sharing this with you. I share because I love humanity and want to give back to humanity, joy.

For He Himself Is Our Peace

Ephesians 2:14 NKJV

Carmen A. Cisnadean Author, Artist, Poetess

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