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Holiday Presents

 Every Child Deserves
  Joy & Hope

Christmas is, without a doubt, the most special time of the year that should be a magical experience, especially for children. Every child deserves joy and hope for Christmas. While many children around the world celebrate with an avalanche of gifts, others spend their holiday in hospitals, orphanages, and some in far worse conditions.


Last year I wrote and published a children's Christmas story with the hope and dream that people someday will purchase it not only for their own children but especially to give as Christmas gifts to the less fortunate children in our world, the children in hospitals, orphanages, and those without a home of their own. Why? Because every child deserves joy and hope. If your heart inclines you so, please join me in this mission by purchasing my book and donating it to a child in a hospital, orphanage, or one without a permanent home.

Click the "Read More" button below, to read more about my children's book "The Velvety Bandit of Whisker-Witty-Whoville" and to learn what makes it a unique story, a one of a kind Christmas tale. 


To purchase "The Velvelty Bandit of Whisker-Witty-Whoville" click on the book image below which will direct you to The book is also available on

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